GTA V Enhanced Edition Postponed

GTA V, the fifth game in the GTA series, released by Rockstar Games in 2013, continues to be playable by constantly receiving new content. Although this naturally caused minor reactions against Rockstar Games; Rockstar announced that it would release a new version of GTA V Enhanced Edition for PlayStation 5.

At the PlayStation event held tonight, the bad news was given to those who were waiting for the next-generation version of the game, ‘GTA V Enhanced Edition‘. Rockstar Games announced that the release date of the Enhanced Edition has been delayed. The release date of the game, which is normally planned to be released on November 11, has been delayed to March 2022.

A new trailer from the game has also arrived:

GTA V Enhanced Edition Postponed

No explanation was given about why the new version of GTA V was delayed for such a long time. But Rockstar Games also shared important information regarding what we can expect from the new version; by releasing a new trailer from the game. GTA V Enhanced Edition will host advanced graphics and gameplay that will bring its glory to next-generation consoles.

In addition to these, GTA Online will also gain more content with the release of the new version. PlayStation Plus members will also have additional content thanks to Sony‘s marketing agreement with Rockstar Games.

All these developments can be considered as bad news for GTA VI, which we have been waiting for a long time. Because Rockstar, currently working on GTA V Enhanced Edition and delaying the game; may not consider releasing GTA VI before 2024/2025. Also, don’t forget to check out our other news from here.

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