Honor Of Kings Allegedly Broke New Active User Record

Honor Of Kings Allegedly Broke New Active User Record

Tencent, one of the world’s largest gaming companies, managed to outpace its rivals. Tencent’s games such as PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile and Honor of Kings are legendary games. It was claimed that the Honor of Kings broke the active user record. It continues to maintain its top place with the games it publishes.

Honor of Kings, which has become a popular game, crushed every kind of number before it with its recent active user number. Continuing on the road to success with Honor of Kings, Tencent has significantly increased its competition with its other game, PUBG. The Honor of Kings game is claimed to break a record with 100 million players. There is no official statement yet, but the popularity of the game hints at this.

Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings achieved the title of the highest grossing mobile game this year, ” stated game analyst Daniel Ahmad. But many people in western countries may never have heard of the game in the first place. Since 2015, the Moba game has been actively played in China. Despite this, Honor of Kings, which is among the most successful games in the world, was able to find a place in China with 600 million players and continues to break a record.

The Honor of Kings game was criticized by the local media. According to some people, historical events were misrepresented and that the actors were manipulated. As a result of negative reviews, Tencent activated age restriction in order to prevent negative feedback.