Horizon Forbidden West Release Date Announced

PlayStation‘s popular game Horizon Zero Dawn and the second game of the series, Horizon Forbidden West; is coming at the end of the year. A statement surfaced about the release date of Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, a major game of PlayStation, published by Sony and developed by Guerilla Games.

The company finally announced the release date of Horizon Forbidden West, which will be one of the most important games of the year.

“We Are Doing Our Best To Publish It In The Last Months Of 2021”

PlayStation Studios president Hermen Hulst published an interview on the PlayStation Blog. In the interview article, important details about the future of PlayStation games were shared. The most important of the shared details was the release date of the game. According to Hulst‘s statement, the release date of the highly anticipated game will be in November – December. However, according to the statements made, there is a big problem here.

PlayStation Studios president, Hermen Hulst, announced that although Horizon Forbidden West plans to release its release at the end of 2021, the game’s release date is not certain and therefore the release date of the game may be delayed. “We’re doing our best to release it in the last months of 2021, but that’s not an exact date,” said Hermen Hulst, president of PlayStation Studios.

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