How Much Money did Diablo Immortal Made in Two Weeks?

How Much Money did Diablo Immortal Made in Two Weeks?

As we recently informed you , Diablo Immortal instantly managed to break the Metacritic record; and become the lowest rated user game of all time. However, Blizzard will probably find it difficult to hear any complaints; due to the noise of the money counters that must have caught fire.

According to Appmagic , the mobile title has over 8.5 million downloads in its first two weeks on the market; and is estimated to have raised over $ 24 million in the same period! Somehow Immortal has already become Blizzard’s second most lucrative mobile experience; with Hearthstone only being ahead.

According to Appmagic , the game seems to be the most popular in the US; with American gamers accounting for 43% of total revenue and South Korea second with 23%. Then comes Japan, Germany and Canada, with percentages of 8%, 6% and 3% respectively, while the remaining 17% of revenue comes from other markets.

In the end, then, it seems that the Metacritic user rating does not represent the actual commercial course of the game; which looks like a goldmine for Blizzard.

For the record, Diablo Immortal has been available since the beginning of June for iPhone, Android and PC. In case you want to know more about the many complaints about microtransactions and the ways in which the experience tries to make money, stay tuned with us!