How Will Galaxy Z Fold 3 Be?

How Will Galaxy Z Fold 3 Be?

Galaxy Z Fold, which attracted great attention in the smartphone market with its announcement in early 2019, was one of the first devices of its kind. Since foldable phones are fairly new, there are not many alternatives in the market. However, we are expecting new announcements and different models ever so often. While the second generation has just been out for months, there are some claims about the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 may come with S-Pen surprise. A few months ago, Samsung filed a patent application to use the 360-degree hinge on its smartphones. The patent will most likely be used for the next generation Galaxy Z Fold. This detail, which will ensure that the direction in which the screen can be turned off is two-sided, may slightly improve the user experience.

This is the look of Galaxy Z Fold 2. So what will the third generation Galaxy Z Fold look like?

It is also mentioned that a thinner screen and active electrostatic solution technology will be released with the third generation. Active electrostatic solution technology enables accessories such as S-Pen to work more precisely and stable. To be able to use the S-Pen on a thin screen, the screen must be durable. Improvements about this is naturally, expected.

If we look at the release dates of Samsung‘s other foldable phones, the third generation Galaxy Z Fold may appear in the third quarter of 2021. Developments on the Samsung front are becoming official at Unpacked events, let’s remind you that what was spoken until then was not certain.