Huawei announced New Technology For Kirin 9000

Huawei announced New Technology For Kirin 9000

According to a post by Huawei, the artificial intelligence supporting the super-resolution system in the Kirin 9000 processor can convert 540p resolution old videos to FHD 1080p content in real-time.

Huawei officials said in August that Kirin 9000 processors will not be available next year. Users were confused after this comment made by Richard Yu, one of the experienced managers at Huawei. However, it has been announced that this processor will be used in the P50 after all.

Huawei shared its system as a post via Weibo. In the related post, there were information regarding the Kirin 9000 AI-powered supersampling technology, converting low-quality images into high-resolution content. Also, in the shared image, an image in 540p resolution has been transformed into 1080p quality using this technology.

With this technology, you can turn an image taken in before or taken in much lower resolution, into a much better quality one. Also, with this announcement of the company, users’ reactions to this technology on social media have been quite positive.

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