Huge Success From The 14-Year-Old FIFA 21 Player

Huge Success From The 14-Year-Old FIFA 21 Player

14-year-old esports player Anders Vejrgang has achieved a total of 180-0 wins in the 6 Weekend Leagues organized since the release of FIFA 21, winning 30 out of 30.

FIFA, one of the most popular football games in the world, allows you to compete with your friends. It also allows you to compete with other FIFA players in Europe in Ultimate Team mode. There are different game modes in Fifa Ultimate Team. FIFA Ultimate Team’s mode known as “competitive” is FUT Champions, or commonly called the Weekend League.

For those who do not know; All FIFA 21 players participating in the Weekend League are given 30 matches, and players receive various rewards based on the total number of wins they get in those 30 matches. However, the number of players who exceed a certain number of wins is low and at this point, the players are ranked according to their victory and skill points. In such a case, they receive awards according to their order.

Just 14-year-old Danish esports player Anders Vejrgang is currently at the top of the list of players that no one would want to encounter in FIFA21. Vejrgang, who has achieved 30 out of 30 wins in all Weekend Leagues since the release of FIFA21, has a streak of 180-0.

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