HyperX Announces New Gamer Equipment

HyperX Announces New Gamer Equipment

HyperX, which is very popular in the world, announced its 2021 model gamer equipment. According to the announcement made during CES 2021; the company will try to impress consumers with 5 new player equipment this year. As a matter of fact, these products include all kind of products; may it be a mouse or a headset. HyperX, the gaming equipment unit of Kingston Un; the world’s most popular fixed and portable memory manufacturer, performed at CES 2021 though. The company, which announced its new products in 2021; seems to continue to be one of the brands that will be preferred by both PC and console owners this year.

In fact, according to the statements made by HyperX today, gamers will meet 5 new products in 2021. Obviously, two of these products are headphones, one is a mechanical keyboard; one is a mouse, and one is a controller charger developed to work with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. So what do these products offer?

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Mechanical Gamer Keyboard

One of HyperX‘s gaming equipment to be released in 2021 is the mechanical keyboard. Without a doubt, the mechanical keyboard, which is produced in very compact dimensions for gamers who do not have a large area, has LED lighting as can be expected. The keyboard, which offers customization with the HyperX application named NGENUITY, also allows user-specific profiles to be created in addition to lighting. Thus, gamers can integrate their own macro keys into their keyboard.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Gamer Mouse

With only 59 grams of weight, Pulsefire Haste stands out with its durability as well as its lightness. Also, HyperX, which guarantees up to 60 million clicks on the new gaming mouse; states that this mouse supports up to 3200 DPI. Like Alloy Origins 60, the wired mouse can be customized for lighting and macro, thanks to NGENUITY software though.

Cloud II Wireless Gamer Headset

HyperX, which is a clear favorite of many players in the field of headphones, seems to be able to attract attention with Cloud II Wireless. According to the company, the range of this wireless headset is up to 20 meters. The 53-millimeter drivers of Cloud II Wireless, which has support for Surround 7.1, are designed to provide the best possible sound quality. The company states that its wireless headset offers up to 30 hours of use at 50 percent volume.

HyperX Cloud Revolver + 7.1

Cloud Revolver + 7.1 is specially designed for gamers who need studio sound quality. In other words, the 50 mm wireless headset, which attracts attention in open world and FPS games, promises significant advantages thanks to its sensitive ability.

HyperX ChargePlay Duo charger

HyperX ChargePlay Duo charger

ChargePlay Duo, which is an Xbox licensed product, is useful for charging the Xbox Series X and Series S controllers. The device, which shows the charge status of the controller with its LED indicators and can charge two controllers at the same time, does not restrict the freedom of the players thanks to its rechargeable batteries.