Instagram Announces New Features

Instagram continues to improve itself as it always does. The famous social media platform tested some of its new features this summer. Instagram has announced that it will make these new features available en masse. All of the features will be available this week. In addition, the application will offer new options for sharing posts.

The famous social media application Instagram is perhaps the most innovative platform of Facebook. Instagram today announced new features that will gradually reach users throughout the week. These features will be brought to both the Instagram homepage and the Reels section.

To explain briefly, these innovations will work as follows; Easier for users to collaborate with each other, fundraise and use music from Reels. In addition, the platform will be easier to use from internet browsers.

A Shared Post Can Be Created With the Collaboration Feature


With this feature, “tag” will no longer be the only way to get people involved in posts. When sharing a homepage or Reels post, you’ll be able to send a request for collaboration to someone who contributed to the post or has something to do with the situation. If the other party accepts this request, you will become two co-owners of a single post.

Posts Can Be Shared From Browser


At the moment, we cannot use Instagram very effectively from desktop computers. However, with this feature, we will be able to use Instagram with more features on desktop computers.

Donate Button Will Be Added


A button will be added to the ‘create‘ menu of the application where you can use the fundraising feature. The donation feature already existed on Instagram. However, this time, since there will be a donation campaign button in the section where we create the post, the control of this function will be much easier.

2 New Music Effects Will Be Added to Reels


Finally, 2 new effects will be added to Reels. Superbeat will intelligently add effects that match the music to the post. Dynamic Lyrics, on the other hand, will reflect the lyrics on the screen in 3D in accordance with the rhythm of the song.

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