Intel Announces Processors That It Will No Longer Produce

We have said in the past weeks that AMD has discontinued its support for many of the popular video cards. Now Intel is in a similar move. The company announced that it will stop production of many processors of the 10th generation. Shared processors have more than 2 years old ones.
We have shared AMD graphics cards that have been discontinued in the past weeks. And now AMD rival Intel stands ahead of us. The company decided to stop the production of 24 different processors from three series, which are the 10th generation.

With higher clock speeds, Tiger Lake-based processors deliver better performance than those based on Ice Lake-based. Intel is stopping production of many Pentium, Celeron, and Lakefield processors, for similar reasons. Here are the processors that will no longer be produced:

Intel doesn’t seem to replace Lakefield processors now

The processors that Intel decided to stop production come out as follows:

Core i3-10110U
Core i3-10210U
Intel Core i5-10210U
Core i5-10310U
Core i7-10510U
Intel Core i7-10610U
Intel Core i7-10710U
Core i7-10810U
Core i3-1005G1
Intel Core i5-1035G1
Core i5-1035G4
Intel Core i5-1035G7
Core i7-1065G7
Intel Core i3-L13G4
Core i5-L16G7
Intel Celeron 5205U
Celeron 5805
Celeron 6805
It seems that Intel is not very happy with the design of the hybrid Lakefield, which is 2 years old. A model that will continue the hybrid technology of Lakefield, which we see on the i5-L15G7 and i3-L13G4 models There’s not yet.

You might think that the production of these models will affect Intel badly, but Intel already has Tiger Lake-U models that are more performance than the above. This indicates that the company is only getting rid of the models that are old; and is focused on the future.

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