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Intel CEO Made Important Statements About Microchip

The production shortage in the semiconductor industry has negatively affected the technology. Companies suspended production due to the pandemic. On the other hand, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger made statements about the scarcity problem in the semiconductor industry. According to the statements, the problems in the sector may continue for 2 more years. The only thing that will stop the famine is to increase the production capacity of the sector stakeholders.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of US-based semiconductor manufacturer Intel, made statements about the crisis in the semiconductor industry. According to the statements, it is still not at the desired point in semiconductor supply. For this reason alone, according to Gelsinger, the crisis cannot be solved so easily. According to the Intel CEO, the shortage in the semiconductor industry, known as the “chip crisis”, could continue for another 2 years.

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Chip scarcity, which started all over the world with the disruption of the supply chain under the effect of the pandemic, negatively affected technological devices. As companies stopped production, it caused disruptions in the supply chain. With the emergence of this problem, there were problems in the production of microchips which companies use in all electronic products in the past. This issue affected various companies. Intel, one of the popular names in the industry, cannot meet the demands. The company states that the solution for this problem is by increasing the production capacity.

Pat Gelsinger: We Need New Factories to Prevent the Crisis

Pat Gelsinger made some suggestions to eliminate the semiconductor shortage. Gelsinger stated the necessity of the new factories; so that the production capacity can increase and the supply-demand balance can be achieved once again. Underlining that otherwise, the process will come to an even more impasse, Intel CEO says that by increasing the production capacity of all stakeholders in the sector, the sector will be allowed to breathe.

The US administration also cares about the events in the semiconductor industry. Because a delegation, including Joe Biden himself, had a meeting with companies in the sector to discuss the issue in all its lines. At the end of this meeting, 50 billion dollars of aid was promised to the semiconductor industry. But the actual amount needed is well over $ 50 billion, according to Intel CEO. You can also find our current news here.

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