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Intel Launches ‘Scribble Campaign’ for Apple’s M1 Processors

Apple has taken a step that will play the foundation of the computer industry for a short time. In this context, the company, which launched its first computers with a processor called “M1”, thus cornered Intel in particular. Because the company has preferred Intel processors in the computer models it has released to date. But the launch of the M1 processor meant the end of the Intel era.

Apple‘s launch of M1 processors has deeply affected not only the hardware but also the software industry. Because the developers had to optimize their software for the new processor. Of course, that meant extra labor. Aware of all this, Intel seized the opportunity and launched a “smear campaign” against the M1 processor. The company, which publishes a web page on the subject, provides information that will change the way consumers view the M1 processor.

According to Intel, the differences between an ordinary PC and computers with M1 processors are as follows:

Intel Launches 'Scribble Campaign' for Apple's M1 Processors
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Intel shares the image above on the page it creates. Referring to the differences between ordinary PC and M1-powered Mac models in this image, the company is obviously exaggerating, although it is saying the right things. So, according to Intel, what are the differences between standard PCs and Macs with M1 processors? Let’s take a closer look at Intel’s claims.

According to Intel‘s statements, a standard PC can be preferred in different form factors. In addition, these types of computers include features such as full touch screen, multiple 4K display support, external hardware support. Saying that standard computers are also unlimited in the field of gaming and software, Intel says the opposite for M1 processor Mac computers.

Intel Launches 'Scribble Campaign' for Apple's M1 Processors

According to the statements made by Intel, Apple’s M1 processors need extra devices and hardware. In addition, these products only offer Touch Bar support instead of touch screens. Similarly, Intel says that this processor supports only one external display and that external hardware, game, and software support is limited, trying to explain that standard PCs are much more advantageous.

Although the statements made by Intel are generally correct, Apple is trying to change the future of the computer industry with M1 processors. Of course, such a situation is not easy. However, years ago, no one thought that AMD could challenge Intel on the processor. It is highly possible that such a situation will occur on the Apple front, and the company seems to do everything in its power to prevent it. Also, don’t forget to check out our other news here.

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