iPhone 11 DxOMark Score Has Changed!

iPhone 11 DxOMark Score Has Changed!

According to the new test, the iPhone 11 DxOMark score increased to 119 points. How is this new test different from the others though?

“We updated the DXOMark Camera test protocol in October 2020. Version 4 now includes image preview tests and a wide variety of new test scenes; as part of our new reliability assessment that measures the camera’s ability to deliver consistent still images and video quality in all shooting scenarios. We retested this device using the new version 4 of the testing protocol and prepared this fully updated review. ” introduces this new test protocol in the form.

This score for the iPhone 11 camera; caused the reliability of the camera test, thus to be questioned by Apple users. According to the explanation, it turns out that the technical features and performance of the camera are measured with more factors with the new test.

Scores given by DxOMark for the Apple iPhone 11 camera.

The iPhone 11 camera managed to get 129 points on the photography side. 36 points on the zoom side and 109 points on the video side with the new test. With this updated score; the phone however, surpassed even the 2020 flagship models such as the Galaxy S20 Plus and OnePlus 8 Pro.

However, this test has not been renewed for the Galaxy S20 Plus. The fact that the ambitious model OnePlus 8 Pro was passed by the iPhone 11; makes the new test much more interesting.