iPhone Camera Might Not Be Improved Before 2022

iPhone Camera Might Not Be Improved Before 2022

According to a report in Macrumors, there is a possibility that there will be no major hardware development in the lenses of iPhone cameras until 2022. Behind this is the conflict between lens suppliers.

Cameras are the most important trump card of smartphone manufacturers in their sales policies and marketing activities. All smart phone manufacturers are competing with each new phone; to come up with more advanced cameras, both in means of hardware and software. Camera features are among the improvements that interest buyers the most; and affect sales most positively.

Apple is one of the manufacturers taking firm steps in this regard; and the performance of iPhone cameras always progresses above a certain level. However, according to a report shared by MacRumors, the iPhone will not be able to make major hardware improvements in camera lenses for the next two years.

Price competition from lens manufacturers is cited as the reason for the situation:

It is thought that the expected price competition between lens suppliers Largan and Genius Electronic Optical in 2021 will prevent possible hardware developments. With Sunny Optical joining the iPhone’s camera lens supply chain; the competition in the market will prevent the development of iPhone cameras.

There is plenty of time before us to see how much this news, which we can consider as a prediction of market movements, will affect the iPhone cameras. However, there is little doubt that Apple will develop a camera that will be presented with fancy slogans in all circumstances.

Lack of hardware enhancement in lenses does not mean cameras will not improve:

Smartphone manufacturers are making various software developments as well as hardware improvements in their cameras. It is also possible to make hardware improvements other than lenses. Despite the possible negative impact of this market competition; it seems highly likely that there will be many innovations in the iPhone cameras, even without improvements to the lenses.

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