iPhone Employees Raided Company

iPhone Employees Raided Company

iPhone employees raided the company manager’s office because they didn’t receive salaries. Operated by Taiwan based technology company Wistron Corporation, the iPhone manufacturing facility has been attacked due to the payment of its employees’ salaries. At the end of this raid, various office items became unusable.

Approximately 2000 iPhone employees raided the facility after completing the night shift and attacked the company manager office. Employees exploded in anger, destroying the company’s furniture, assembly units, and even tried to burn factory vehicles.

Taiwan police said factory workers who supplied various Apple products, mainly iPhones, damaged the Bangalore factory due to problems with payment. A police officer said that a large number of Wistron Corporation employees broke windows and damaged vehicles, furniture, computers and laptops.

Police Inspector General Kumar Singh mentioned the following after visiting the Wistron facility; “The information we receive is that employees have problems with paying salaries“. The video also showed a violent group toppling vehicles and setting them on fire. They also smashed glass windows in the offices, and left traces of destruction.

Deputy Prime Minister Ashwath Narayan said they will take drastic measures against the criminals. He described the incident as unfortunate and said; “Whether employees are someone else or responsible for attacking the factory and damaging their property, they will face harsh sanctions.