JLab Introduces JBuds Frames, New Headset That Can Be Attached to Eyeglass Frames

JLab Introduces JBuds Frames, New Headset That Can Be Attached to Eyeglass Frames

Headphone manufacturer JLab has introduced JBuds Frames, a new headset that can be attached to eyeglass frames. The product, which consists of two modules that do not completely cover the ears; will be released in the coming months with a price tag of $ 50. JLab has introduced a new Bluetooth audio device designed to be worn on regular glasses or sunglasses. This product, called JBuds Frames, consists of two modules with downward sounding speakers that you place just outside your ears. The removable parts have a very useful structure.

What Does JBuds Frames Offer?

JBuds Frames, which has a price tag of $ 50 abroad at the price point, also fits into JLab‘s history of offering budget-friendly headsets. Sometimes we find that such affordable headphones offer quite impressive performance compared to their price. However, it should be noted that these types of headphones that have been released so far do not give very good results. JBuds Frames, which consists of two modules placed on the frames of the glasses, is sent with different clips to be suitable for different sized glasses. Using a 16 mm driver at the sound point, the headset does not give any sound to the outside, according to the company’s claim. So only you can hear the music playing in the headphones. However, since the headphones do not cover your ears completely, you can perceive the sounds around you.

The headphones also have IPX4 waterproof certification. For this reason, it can be used easily in rainy weather or while exercising. It also has buttons for controlling the volume, accepting or rejecting calls and changing EQ settings. JLab adds that the headphones can be used independently if you only want to wear one. According to the company’s claim, it is necessary to use a special charging cable with magnetic charging points to charge JBuds Frames, which offers a battery life of over 8 hours. The product will hit the shelves at $ 50 next spring.

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