Keyboard Designed for Nintendo Game Boy Revealed

Keyboard Designed for Nintendo Game Boy Revealed

Designed for Game Boy, Nintendo‘s console that revolutionized the game world, the keyboard came to light after 28 years. Liam Robertson revealed the keyboard; a game historian. A game historian named Liam Robertson presented a discovery that will surprise and perhaps excite those with a special interest in the now retro side of the gaming world: a Nintendo Game Boy accessory.

Former gamers or those interested in the game world are aware of the revolution created by Nintendo‘s Game Boy. This “pocket sized” game console from Nintendo was the first mainstream portable game console to feature an interchangeable cartridge. This handheld console, the dream of the children of the period, became a revolutionary console in the game world. Of course it is not surprising that such a successful console has released third-party accessories. In addition to accessories such as Game Boy Printer, Game Boy Camera, there was also a hybrid keyboard.

Robertson revealed this keyboard on the Game History Secrets show on the YouTube channel “DidYouKnowGaming“. This keyboard, named WorkBoy, aimed to bring functions such as currency conversion and language translation to the Game Boy device, although it was doubtful about the creativity of its name. This keyboard with QWERTY letter sequence was connected to Game Boy and its functions were activated thanks to its internal memory. When Game Boy had the cartridge, he could also record dates and contacts.

Keyboard developed for Nintendo Game Boy

Of course, when you look at the year 2020, these do not feel like great features. However, if we remind you that the Nintendo Game Boy was released in 1989, it may be easier to understand how remarkable these features are. WorkBoy, promoted at CES, was not officially offered for sale. The reason this keyboard did not come out was Nintendo‘s plan to lower the price of the Game Boy. The company behind WorkBoy didn’t want to sell an accessory that would cost more than the console itself.