Konami Announces Update Notice About eFootball

Developed by Konami and among the popular football games, eFootball continues to perform poorly. Developed by Konami, eFootball came out with tons of bugs. The developer company issued an apology message with the release of the game and asked for time from the players.

On the eFootball side, unsuccessful and unproductive days continue. The company again disappointed its players with the message they published. The developer company has released another message to its followers that requires them to wait for a while. Also, Konami is working hard to fix the game and is in constant communication with the players.

Konami Announces Update About eFootball

In addition, developed with Unreal Engine, eFootball is waiting to return to quality and successful days. But the developer company will try to solve these errors for a long time. Announcing that the update was delayed on Twitter, Konami apologized to the players. The company did not disclose when the new version, which will include bug fixes, will be released.

However, after the delayed post of Konami, the reaction of the players to the game has increased a lot. The players are wondering about the future of the game in the upcoming period. Konami will continue to lag behind FIFA in football games competition. You can learn current game and technology news through our other social media accounts. Finally, click here to read more gaming news.

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