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Layers of Fear Will be Released For PlayStation VR

Playstation VR continues to add new games to its structure. Layers of Fear, developed by Bloober Team, will be released on the PlayStation VR platform in April. The game can be played on Oculus and HTC Vive VR sets as of now. Bloober Team shared a press release. It is worth noting the following words in the newsletter, Layers of Fear states that the PS VR port is a continuation of the company’s strategy to bring horror games to popular VR platforms.

Blair Witch, another game developed by the Bloober Team, has also been published for PS VR platforms. The game debuted in October on the Oculus Quest VR platform. Layers of Fear will be released on the Playstation VR platform on April 29th. VR Users are waiting for this news. There are quite a lot of players who love horror games. While playing a horror game on a PC or PS is hard enough, the VR version of it is even harder. Because horror games take a scary turn in VR due to the atmosphere they host.

Layers of Fear Is Coming To PlayStation VR

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Layers of Fear is a psychological horror game, you cannot get rid of its effects like other horror games. The VR version of the game will be indispensable for those who love horror games. Bloober Team is working on a new project with a very famous publisher after last year’s The Medium game.

It was not specified who the publisher they worked with and what the project was. They keep this information like a secret. We will continue to share up-to-date information about the game with you. You can follow our page and take advantage of current news. Finally, click here to read more game news.

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