Lenovo Shared A Poster Of New Phones That Will Compete With Redmi

Lenovo Shared A Poster Of New Phones That Will Compete With Redmi

China-based smartphone maker Lenovo shared a new poster from Weibo. The poster with 3 smartphones with a frameless screen was shown as an indication of the new 5G phones to be released by Lenovo. Smartphone manufacturers have started releasing various new phones with 5G connectivity support. Companies, especially Redmi, Realme, Motorola, started releasing phones, belonging to the affordable price segment. New ones continue to join these companies. China-based Lenovo seems to be one of these companies. A new poster was shared by Lenovo on Weibo. This poster is thought to be an indication that Lenovo will release its phones with 5G connectivity in the near future.

Lenovo Shared A Poster

New Phones Coming From Lenovo

As you can see in the image above, there are 3 phones in the poster shared on Lenovo‘s official Weibo page. It is seen that the “6 Coming” is written on the bottom of the phones, all of which have an almost bezel-less design. It is not possible to assume anything about phones just by looking at this poster. But, these series of smartphones is predicted to be part of the mid-range Lenovo Lemon series, which has a few premium features.

Chen Jin, General Manager of Lenovo‘s Mobile Business Division, which incorporated Motorola Mobility in 2014, stated that both Motorola and Lenovo acclaim their products differently. While Motorola is preparing to release new mid-segment devices with the Moto G series, Lenovo seems to be involved in this competition with its own 5G models. As a competitor to itself, Lenovo seems to have targeted the Redmi brand, from which Xiaomi launched its price / performance segment phones. Redmi posted the poster of the Note 9 5G series. Lenovo then made a similar move and released a poster for its 5G-powered phones.

These two companies are in a fierce competition in India, one of the world’s largest markets. While Lenovo dominated the Indian market a few years ago, companies like Realme and Redmi suppressed that popularity. Now, Lenovo has to showcase its success with new phones to keep up with its competitors.