LG to Announce ‘QNED’ MiniLED Televisions

LG to Announce ‘QNED’ MiniLED Televisions

LG announced which features it will use in the “QNED” televisions it will announce in 2021. According to the statements made by the company, LG will continue its way by adopting the miniLED technology. The company, which announced a limited number of features for now, did not mention the prices of the new televisions. South Korean technology giant LG is also one of the important representatives of the smart television industry. The company achieved important events that paved the way for the television industry with the models it has produced so far. This state seems to continue in 2021. Because the company has announced with which features it will announce televisions at CES 2021 events.

LG, New Smart TVs: QNED TV

According to the statements made by LG, the company will appear with televisions with miniLED technology in 2021. We seem to gradually get used to this technology to be used in televisions offering 8K and 4K resolution. The reason for this is that almost every company that produces smart televisions is talking about the miniLED technology. LG‘s televisions with miniLED technology will exceed expectations in terms of brightness. In addition, this television will have at least 30 thousand LEDs. It also have features such as more dynamic HDR, color saturation beyond the usual and 120 Hz refresh rate will also be included in LG’s new televisions. In addition to all this, LG states that its new televisions will have a screen size of around 86 inches.

LG says it will call its new smart TVs QNED. While the letter Q represents the quantum dot colors that will be used in the new generation displays, the letter N most likely represents the company’s brand named NanoCell. Televisions with miniLED technology will be revealed in all details with the events that the company will organize in the next year. In addition, the price scale of these televisions will emerge in 2021. By the way, we shouldn’t confuse MiniLED technology with microLED technology. MicroLED technology is a completely different technology that completely eliminates the background lighting and consists of LEDs that light up automatically according to the image. Moreover, this technology is much more expensive than miniLED.

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