LinkedIn Data of 700 Million Users Stolen

According to the reports, LinkedIn had a data breach that is still unsolved. Hackers used the site to steal the data of around 700 million members. The platform has approximately 756 million users in total. LinkedIn, the world’s largest business social media platform, appears to have suffered the largest data breach in its history.

According to the cybersecurity firm RestorePrivacy, the breach, which occurred when a hacker put user data up for sale, is the consequence of the same assault approach as the previous months’ data leak. In other words, the company did not learn anything from the infraction that occurred at the time.

LinkedIn Data of 700 Million Users Stolen

What data of users was put up for sale?

According to his own claims, the hacker was able to disclose the data of over 700 million LinkedIn users. Because the overall number of LinkedIn users is around 756 million, this figure may be unprecedented in history. In other words, the personal information of more than 90% of users is currently on sale on some hacker platforms. Furthermore, the data of one million people is now accessible by public users.

According to RestorePrivacy, they conducted a thorough examination of the data for sale on hacking sites. The corporation has also identified the data leak as a result of this study. As a result, data on 700 million users’ e-mail addresses, full names, phone numbers, addresses, geolocation data, CVs, and other social media profiles has surfaced. Also, do not forget to check out our other latest news here.

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