MacOS Big Sur Released For All Compatible Mac Models

MacOS Big Sur Released For All Compatible Mac Models

Apple released the newest version of the operating system MacOS Big Sur, for all compatible Mac devices.

The operating system MacOS, developed for Apple‘s desktop and laptop computers, had the biggest update in recent years. Also, MacOS made Big Sur (MacOS 11.0) available to Mac owners recently. MacOS Big Sur can be downloaded by anyone who has a compatible Mac model.

Apple is heading towards important changes both visually and functionally with the operating system MacOS Big Sur. The interface and icon changes as well as moving the menu bar from top to bottom are among the biggest visual changes. New updates such as the widget and new control center aim to improve the user experience.

As we all know, Apple takes privacy very seriously. For this reason, new privacy-oriented features are also available in MacOS Big Sur. Apple provides better website tracking information to keep users informed on Safari, while also adding new privacy data features to the Mac App Store.

Big Sur is of great importance for both new Mac models and new generation MacBooks with the new Apple M1 processor. The new MacBooks will be available on November 17th and these devices will have the default version of MacOS. The operating system will come with an extra feature such as support for running iOS and iPad applications.

Mac models compatible with MacOS Big Sur;
MacBook (2015 and newer)
MacBook Air (2013 and newer)
MacBook Pro (2013 and newer)
Mac mini (2014 and newer)
iMac (2014 and newer)
iMac Pro (2017 and newer)
Mac Pro (2013 and newer)