Major Changes are Coming for Pokémon GO’s Mega Evolutions

Major Changes are Coming for Pokémon GO’s Mega Evolutions

In August 2020, the series’ famous Mega Evolution mechanism also reached Pokémon GO; but failed to satisfy the players. Since then, various updates have been released with the aim of improving it; but it seems that Niantic is now preparing some big changes for the system.

Specifically, by delving into the title’s archives, PokéMiners‘ trusted dataminers discovered that; the studio is working on a new system for Mega Evolved Pokémon, which will be similar to that of Pokémon buddies.

Going through things from the beginning, to make Mega Evolve a creature in Pokémon GO; you need to acquire and spend Mega Energy. According to fans, the initial cost is very large and the game usually pushes towards the completion of multiple Mega Raids; which require coordination with other players.

Now, the new leveling system that Niantic is preparing will allow players to Mega Evolve a Pokémon they had previously; done Mega Evolve before without the same high cost. The higher the level of friendship; the more regularly it will be possible to receive the expense of the relevant energy for the next Mega Evolves.

At the same time, the team is reported to be adding various Mega Evolution perks for players. More about all the changes he is preparing you can find out by clicking here. And finally for more gaming news, click here!