Major Changes Are Coming To Google Phone App

Major Changes Are Coming To Google Phone App

Some YouTube users came across an interesting ad between videos. This ad from Google seems to be directed from the Google Phone app in the first place. However, the “Google Call” name and icon change shows Google is on the way to making radical decisions for this service.

US-based technology giant Google has been trying to revise its existing services for a while. In this context, the company takes radical decisions in its widely used services such as Photos. Recent developments show that Google is also planning something for their “Phone” application. Google has not made an official statement about this for now though.

Until a while ago, the Google Phone application was only for Pixel phones. However, Google made this application compatible with different phones as well.

This is how the ad noticed by users looks like this.

An ad seen on YouTube and verification by some users indicates that Google will rebrand their Phone app. According to the YouTube ad, the new name of Google Phones will be named “Call” and will appear with a brand new icon.

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