MHRise x USJ Collab Coming Jan 21 For Nintendo Switch

MHRise x USJ Collab Coming Jan 21 For Nintendo Switch

Configuring the character in a game is a very important step. Our hunter has to have many skills, but most importantly, he has to look good. Bringing together a remarkable and impressive set of armor and weapons is a very important and meta element in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise is about to add some game-changers. After a brief announcement, we’re now getting a full look at the game’s upcoming Universal Studios Japan collaboration! Armor, Weapons, and changing interfaces are quite remarkable.

Monster Hunter Rise starting January 21st

All armors are also available as Layered Armor, allowing you to have these styles however you want. There will also be a new downloadable Palico called Meow Limit. There are Event Quests to be completed. All new details and differences will be coming to Monster Hunter Rise starting January 21st.

The full list of USJ collab equipment includes the following:

  • Hunter Armor – Azure Age Set
  • Long Sword – Azure Star Blade I
  • Bow – Azure Era Wyrmbow I
  • Canyne – Azure Era Set & C Azure Era Wyrmblade
  • Felyne – Azure Era Set & F Azure Era Fan

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