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Microsoft Completely Changes Windows 10 Icons

Microsoft has released the test version of Windows 10 Build 21343. The biggest innovation in this version is the renewal of app icons. With new icons that Microsoft will make Windows 10 more modern, it will also show more clearly which folder belongs to which type of files.

US based technology giant Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 update for Windows Insider users. This new version, codenamed “Build 21343“, brought some performance improvements and fixes, as well as an innovation that directly affects users. This innovation to the Windows 10 interface reveals that some icons in the operating system will be renewed.

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As a matter of fact, Microsoft has been trying to change the application icons in Windows 10 since last year. Microsoft has renewed the icons with small touches. In Windows 10 version with Build 21343 code, it started to use completely renewed icons. The new icons will delight users who find the overall look of Windows 10 boring.

Windows 10’s new icons will look like this


According to a blog post by Microsoft, the new icons of the operating system aim to create better awareness for users. For example, a user will be able to understand that the folder belongs to Pictures by using the new icon for the “Pictures” folder. Similar situations will apply to folders named Documents, Videos, Music and Downloads.


The only innovation of Windows 10 Build 21343 is not limited to icons. Microsoft has announced that some known issues have been fixed and general performance improvements have been made in this release. In addition, Microsoft announced that it brought minor innovations systematically. It is currently unknown when this stable state of Windows will be available.

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