Microsoft Gave The Good News To Xbox One Users

Microsoft introduced the next-generation Xbox Series X/S consoles at the end of 2020. The company, which lagged behind Sony and Nintendo with the last generation Xbox One, managed to sell more than 40 million consoles despite all this. But the owners of these consoles are worried.

Xbox One owners are afraid of losing game support and being forgotten over time. That’s why so many people sell their console. However, the latest information shows that it is not right to hurry. Microsoft has a plan for these consoles.

Xbox One Will Support XCloud

Microsoft made a presentation about its upcoming games during the E3 2021 fair. In the presentation, Bethesda‘s Starfield drew attention as well as new generation productions such as Forza and Halo. However, this situation brought some questions to mind. Would the previous generation Xbox One, One S and One X be deprived of these productions?

Fortunately, Xbox boss Phill Spencer put the players at ease with his statement. According to Spencer‘s statement, the popular game service will also come to the Xbox One series. Thus, even the highly anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on these consoles.

This news, which is especially pleasing for players with a limited budget, shows that users will not have to sell their old hardware and buy new ones. All these users have to do is have a relatively good internet connection and have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

So what do you think about this subject? Does it make sense to not sell old Xbox One consoles and enjoy cloud gaming thanks to XCloud?

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