Microsoft Outlook Can Edit Your Mails

Outlook is a very popular email platform which millions of people prefer to use both in school and business world. This service will be able to edit your emails by reviewing grammatical errors, inappropriate use of phrases and punctuation errors. This process, previously done with apps like Grammarly, will be a part of Tone Detection Outlook.

Today, e-mails have become even more important. E-mails are very important among students and educators, especially in universities, and they are equally important in the business world. As a result of the language used in emails, what is on the body; or how it is written has also become more important than it is normally. Sometimes, what we are trying to say and what we write can be very different from each other; due to the misunderstanding of the tone of the writing. To prevent this, there are online typing assistants on the internet. Microsoft will add this service to Outlook soon so you don’t have to deal with different sites.

Grammar Errors Will Be Corrected

The Tone Detection feature will provide the same service as apps like Grammarly. This feature will show your punctuation errors and suggest how you can avoid misunderstanding if there are any misunderstandings in your writing.

The Tone Detection feature is currently under development and will be available in September 2021. The feature will be off by default and when you want to enable it, you will be able to activate it by entering the Microsoft Editor settings. This fix feature will come to the web version of Outlook and there is no information about the mobile application yet.

Ahmet Uğur
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