Microsoft Surface SE Is Coming

Microsoft Surface SE Is Coming

The Surface Laptop SE model that Microsoft is working on has emerged. Microsoft is developing this laptop to meet the needs of users in their educational life.

It is also expected to be powered by the Celeron N4120 processor that Intel released in 2019. The operating system of the device will also be special. At this point, Windows 11 SE will come into play.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has used the SE tag. The popular operating system of the period appeared in Windows 98 as the ‘Second Edition‘. The meaning of SE on Windows 11 and Surface Laptop still remains unclear.

Microsoft will include this operating system on the Surface Laptop SE model with the code name Tenjin. The laptop, which is said to be powered by the Intel Celeron N1420 processor, will come with a 1366×768 resolution 11.6-inch screen. Its case will also include USB-A, USB-C, headphone jack and AC type charging port. Its RAM will be 8GB.

There is no clear information about the price and release date of the Windows Surface Laptop SE yet. But to guess, it is said that they want to be sold at a price close to the selling price of Chromebook laptops. We will see together in the coming days.