Monster Hunt Rise Release Date Announced

    So, various new games are coming in December, one of them is Monster Hunt. A new announcement surfaced for Monster Hunt, which has also an important place in its category. The interest of the players in the announcement was very positive.

    The official account of the game made such a statement. “Hunters! We’re pleased to confirm that #MHRise will launch on PC on January 12th with the same content as Ver.3.6.1 of the Nintendo Switch version! This includes monsters, collaboration content, Event Quests, and more.” To learn more about the official release, please click here.

    New Features in the Steam Version

    • 4K Resolution

    Adjust the image quality by tweaking the resolution and framerate, and turn on high-quality textures to increase the level of visual detail.

    • Optimization through Graphics Options

    Select Advanced Graphics Settings to change more detailed settings and optimize the game to best suit your personal environment.

    • Voice Chat

    Use the Voice Chat feature to talk to other players in the same Lobby, and to coordinate more efficient strategies while on the hunt.

    • Optimized Keyboard & Mouse Controls

    In addition to regular gamepad controls, you can also use a keyboard & mouse. You can customize a variety of shortcuts for the keyboard as well.

    • Ultrawide Display

    In addition to the basic 16:9 screen ratio, the game can also be optimized for 21:9 ultrawide display to experience a higher level of immersion.

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