Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay Released

Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay Released

Monster Hunter World was released worldwide in 2018. Capcom announced at the PlayStation press conference on January 26, 2018 that it will be released on PS4 and Xbox One platforms. The producer company Capcom received positive reviews from millions of players. Monster Hunter World managed to win the admiration of its fans with its magnificent visuals and impressive gameplay. With these positive comments, Capcom decided to release a PC version of Monster Hunter World. Monster Hunter World, which could be played on PS4, Xbox One and PC, is also available now for Nintendo Switch as Monster Hunter Rise.

This game, which received extremely positive comments, will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. It was announced that there were some issues during the development due to the covid-19 outbreak. But the release date has not been postponed.

Monster Hunter Rise

One of the new features in Monster Hunter Rise is Wirebug. This features is compared to the Slinger in Monster Hunter World. With Wirebug, the player will be provided with better freedom of movement. Players will be able to climb walls and fly around. In previous games, there were only feline helper Policoes. A lot of feedback was received from players who wanted to have more choices as canine friends. As a result the new extension Palamute has arrived. The game contains 14 weapon types that are the same as previous games.

Capcom has released the gameplay video of Monster Hunter Rise, which will be released on March 26, 2021. This 6-minute video was received positively by the fans. In the content of the video, it offers an overview with the Great Sword and Palamute.