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NBA 2K21 Released on Apple Arcade Platform

Apple released NBA 2K21, one of the world’s most successful basketball games, on Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade; It serves on iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and macOS platforms.

NBA 2K21 was finally released on Apple’s mobile gaming platform, Apple Arcade. It is completely different from the console and PC versions. It was previously announced that the game will be a “lite” version of the version released on PC and console platforms. Realizing that even in the lite version of the NBA 2K21, it needed a fairly large amount of “storage“, the game was almost completely overhauled while moving to the mobile platform.

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Of course, there are no features from the PC and console experience to mobile. With the online player mode, you can go head-to-head with your friends or flip a solid match with random users. While you can enjoy basketball on the streets with Blacktop Quick Match, you can write a legendary basketball story with MyCAREER. There is also the option to play a 5v5 match that includes the best rosters of the NBA.

Enjoy NBA on your phone with Xbox and DualShock

It may sound fantastic to be able to play the game by connecting the Xbox controller or PS DualShock to your phone, but let it not come. You will be able to play NBA 2K21 with controllers. Of course, this will make a serious difference between gamepad users and those who do not.

The game is currently available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TVs. Note that you can continue to play the game by purchasing Apple Arcade after the free trial. The game has become incredibly high quality, especially on iPhones. It is quite possible that Apple may have requested a special optimization at this point. By the way, it should be noted that you can use your Apple TV like a console.

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