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NBA Player Paul George Produced PlayStation 5-Themed Basketball Shoes in Partnership With Nike

The famous NBA player Paul George, with whom Sony collaborated before, produced PlayStation 5 themed basketball shoes in partnership with Nike. This new shoe, which has managed to attract attention with its design, will be on sale soon.

A new one has been added to basketball shoes previously designed by Nike and Paul George for PlayStation. New Nike PG 5s are being released, featuring the PlayStation 5 theme and colors. We have seen a similar concept for the PlayStation classic in the past years. This time the shoes are more aesthetically pleasing and attractive. That’s why it is very assertive in design.

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As you know, the colors of the PlayStation 5 were chosen very carefully. The harmony of blue and white reflects the digital age. With the harmony of these colors, Sony has brought the PlayStation to a completely different atmosphere. In the design prepared by Nike and Paul George, we can really notice the digital lines and PlayStation 5 aesthetics. At the same time, iconic symbols of PlayStation can be seen on many points of the shoe.

Shoes Can Be Worn in NBA 2K21

Sony made a change this time. Thanks to this change, the shoes can be worn in-game. So Nike PG 5s will now be available in the game. On the downside, PlayStation 5 sales are now almost halted worldwide due to stock problems. The Japanese technology giant pays attention to such collaborations. However, the supply problems caused by the global chip problem continue to annoy the players.

So far, 7.8 million PlayStation 5s have been sold worldwide. According to Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki, no more PlayStation 5 production is possible in the short term. Although Sony has produced such great shoes, it seems that we will continue to play NBA 2K21 on PlayStation 4 for a while.

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