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Netflix and Riot Games Released Trailer For The New Series League of Legends Arcane

A new trailer is finally out for the highly-anticipated series. There are new developments that will excite the fans of League Of Legends. Netflix and Riot Games have shared a new trailer for the League of Legends series Arcane, which will be released in the fall. The fans of the game has been asking for a series based on the game for ages!

New information about the long-awaited series, especially by the fans of the game, has begun to be published. Although the League of Legends series Arcane announced a long time ago, many delays followed due to the pandemic. A new announcement trailer has been released for the League of Legends series developed in partnership with Netflix and Riot Games. It is also announced that the content of the published trailer will be broadcast on Netflix this autumn.

New Trailer For League of Legends Arcane

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In addition, Dominique Bazay, Original Animation Director of Netflix, has made a statement. “League of Legends is raising enthusiasm and gathering fans around the world, and we are thrilled to be hosting Arcane, the first television series set in this universe. Also, the series promises an exciting visual feast that will allow the audience to sit and stand up.

However, Riot Games continues to grow its global audience, both inside and outside the game. With its in-game developments and innovations, every move of the company attracts positive responses from the players. Also, the success of the company, which has achieved great success in the field of E-sports, is remarkable. Finally, click here to read more game news.

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