New AFK Penalties for LOL

AFK problems cannot be avoided in League of Legends, one of the most played games worldwide. New AFK penalties are on the way. Riot Games has introduced a new penalty system for people going AFK; who cause great trouble and nervous breakdowns for League Of Legends players. According to the new system; players will be penalized even if they go AFK and occasionally be active in the game.

Making a new statement for League of Legends, the developer company Riot Games announced that the game experience has been negatively affected due to players remaining AFK around the world, and a new penalty system will be activated in this regard. Mark Yetter, who works in the game design department of Riot Games, briefly listed the reasons for the loss of games with three items. These items are:

Immobile players [AFK players]
Quitting during the match
Players who negatively affect players on their team

9% of players AFK!

New AFK Penalties Coming to League Of Legends

According to the statements, 9 percent of all players around the world consistently exhibit AFK behavior. These problems, even after entering the game or even during direct matchup; create a serious negativity for those who really want to play the game. In a new statement made on the official website on the subject; it was stated that the problem was intended to be solved with the new penalty system.

According to the new regulation, players who remain AFK and occasionally move will receive the same penalty. Players who are constantly banned for the same reason will be banned for 14 days. Restricted players will not be able to benefit from rewards if their team wins a match. Riot Games, the developer of the game, has once again shown that it does not listen to the complaints of the players with this move. For these reasons, we can say that the players who lost a match took a sigh of relief.

Penalties will increase even more for players who remain AFK

According to the official statement, if users remain AFK while playing the game, the penalties will increase even more and will be a deterrent. With the new penalty system called queue locks, players will not be able to log in to the game for a while and will not take any action. After the lock period expires, queue penalties will come as before and users will have to wait for the specified time to enter the game. Players who still continue their behavior despite these penalties will receive a rank reduction.

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