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New Event For Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft continues to offer innovations and improvements for gamers. Since Ubisoft does not want Rainbow Six Siege players to play a game that continues with the same routine, the developer team continues to publish events with different themes. Thanks to the latest addition to the game, a fun event in the post-apocalyptic concept has been published in the game.

The event published in the game will be available in the game for a limited time. The newly added mod, Apocalypse, takes place in a long time since today. With this mode, which received full marks from the players, players will be able to gain new experiences for a short time. After mankind has destroyed all the plants on earth, only one remains.

New Competition In the Rainbow Six Siege Event

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You need to protect the plant, which is the last hope of the life of the world, against its attackers. In this event, which has a very high dose of excitement, the players will be in a cutthroat competition. The match will determine who will take possession of the plant, which is the key to ending a 100-year drought.

There are some basic points to be considered in this mode. The last remaining plant will actually function as a bomb. As in the classic game modes, the attackers will try to access the bomb. But in this mode, the location of the plant does not have to be fixed, you can move it even after the attackers find its location.

In this case, the competition in the game is carried to a higher level. This makes it difficult for the attackers. The Rainbow Six Siege Apocalypse event started today and will last until May 18th. Finally, click here to read more game news.

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