New Expansion Pack For Hearthstone Released

New Expansion Pack For Hearthstone Released

Ancient powers are returning and bringing with them brand new 135 cards with the new expansion pack Hearthstone Darkmoon Fairground Horror. In addition to C’Thun, N’Zoth, Y’Shaarj, and Yogg-Saron’s legendary minion cards, players will also benefit from the power of the Ancient Divine Relics. These powerful spells will bring the terrifying effects of the Whispers of the Ancient Gods back. Players looking to gain more advantage over their opponents will be able to add new Corruption-effect cards to their decks. These cards get stronger when you play a higher value card while in your hand.

“We welcome them again with the Horrors of the Darkmoon Fair,” said J. Allen Brack, Chairman of Blizzard Entertainment. “We’re also very excited to kick off the first season of Hearthstone Duels. Now we wonder how the game will develop as it becomes available to everyone. “

Hearthstone Duels: Season One

Hearthstone Duels, which started its first season today, is a brand new and completely free game mode with the PVP excitement of the arena, single-player adventures and deck-building experiences. Duels offer players the chance to create starter decks using their own collections. Later, after each match, their decks can be strengthened with additional cards and game-changing treasures.

Players can also try out the Hearthstone Duels Heroic mode, competing for in-game rewards such as gold, cards, card packs, and magic dust. Duels will be accessible to Hero mode with 150 Gold or an inn ticket for € 1.99. The awards that the player will win with his performance vary according to his success at the end of the series.

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