New Feature For Flight Simulator “Snowfall”

New Feature For Flight Simulator “Snowfall”

Microsoft Flight Simulator, which has a real-time weather system, eventually included snowfalls in this system. Microsoft Flight Simulator now adds real-time snowfalls to the weather system.

The Flight Simulator, developed with revolutionary new technologies, adds it to the simultaneous weather system. At the same time, the map keeps getting more and more details, and expanded with updates published for the game; which brings the real world to the virtual environment using satellite data. This causes the size of the game to grow. However, users are satisfied with the result.

Microsoft Flight Simulator already has a real-time weather system. Players who want can download it live from the servers; and proceed according to the weather in the region they fly. Players can change the weather during the flight and adjust it as they wish.

VR Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator has recently arrived. Previously, new airports and attractions added in the form of Mount Fuji and the rest of Tokyo. With an update released before, 4 handmade airports for the USA became available for the game. The world of the game is getting richer and detailed day by day.

The main reason why it is called handmade for new airports is that most of the buildings and airports in the game are created automatically with the data from the satellite with Finally, click here to read more gaming and tech news.