New iPhone Series Claimed To Come With Under Screen Fingerprint Reader

New iPhone Series Claimed To Come With Under Screen Fingerprint Reader

The new iPhone series, which we expect Apple to introduce in autumn; may release with an under screen fingerprint reader, according to Bloomberg. Until now, Apple has given importance to Face ID technology instead of fingerprint reader.

The new iPhone series are expected to be introduced in the coming autumn. Today, it is claimed that the series, which is expected to come with fewer new features than the iPhone 12 series, will have a long awaited feature.

According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple will include an under screen fingerprint reader in its new iPhone series. The company, which has given importance to the Face ID method until today, will offer its users an alternative way to verify their identity.

Apple was starting to move away from the fingerprint reader:

Apple was one of the first companies to popularize fingerprint reader technology in the smartphone world. The company included this technology with the iPhone 5S in 2013. They were one of the first companies to gradually move away from technology. The iPhone X released in 2017 and did not include a fingerprint reader.

Apple is conducting foldable screen test

Bloomberg’s report included one more detail other than the new iPhone series. According to the report, Apple is currently doing foldable screen tests. However, according to the statements in the news, Apple does not have a concrete plan about the foldable screen yet; and that we will be able to see its phones with this technology only a few years later.

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