New Patent to Show That NPCs in GTA 6 Will Indeed be Smart

New Patent to Show That NPCs in GTA 6 Will Indeed be Smart

A patent received by Take-Two Interactive was unearthed on Reddit. This patent, which was filed for the first time in October 2020, will make NPCs in games unprecedented. The patent equips every NPC with personality traits. Take-Two Interactive, the roof company of Rockstar Games, made a development that excited the players waiting for GTA 6. The company, which received a new patent with artificial intelligence support, seems to use this patent in GTA 6. If such a situation is true, we can already state that the NPCs in GTA 6 will have unprecedented intelligence.

Patent Documents Have Very Pretentious Sentences

According to the information shared on Reddit, Take-Two Interactive first submitted the patent document in question in October 2020. The patent, which has also been approved, seems to make the characters you can interact with but cannot control in the game unique. Let’s take a closer look at what the patent offers. Take-Two‘s patent documents refer to existing systems. In this context; It is mentioned that traditional NPC software offers a very limited resource for software developers, which is very insufficient for reality in the world. The new patent seems to eliminate all these shortcomings. Because Take-Two says that with the new artificial intelligence-supported patent, a character will be created for each NPC. Well what does it mean?

You know the NPCs in the games. These characters usually do the same things, moving on a line. However, this will change completely with Take-Two‘s new patent. For example, an NPC will be able to turn to a different road when the traffic is congested. Or if the personality traits created for that character is a novice driver, it will drive very slowly in the evening. Similarly, NPCs and mods, who are a complete traffic man, will enter our lives with the new patent.

GTA Isn’t the Only Game in Take-Two. Why is the Patent Associated With GTA 6?

When we look at the information contained in the Take-Two patent, we see that the creators of this patent are David Hynd and Simon Parr. These names are in the management position of Rockstar North, the main contractor of GTA 6. In this context, Hynd is the company’s technology director and Parr is the leader of the company’s artificial intelligence unit. In other words, it is a proof that the patent in question is related to GTA 6. It is not possible to know what the patent will offer. But Take-Two, and therefore Rockstar Games, seems to be working on something that has never been seen before. On the other hand, we may have to wait a long time to see what the new patent has to offer. Because Rockstar Games maintains its discreet attitude about GTA 6 and when this game will be announced is still a big secret.