New Record From Apple Store

New Record From Apple Store

Apple shared a new report today. Information about the expenditures made on the App Store was announced in the shared report. According to the statements, Apple broke the record for “spending” in one day in the App Store. On the first day of the year, a total of 540 million dollars was spent on the App Store.

The COVID-19 outbreak has directed everyone to different activities that can be done at home. Some read books, played computer or console games, some worked with software, others turned to mobile games and applications. In these days, when no one can go out and fear to go out even if it is not forbidden; application stores have made high earnings.

In many places with curfews on New Year’s Eve, users have given a chance to paid apps as well as free apps. People who use smartphones have spent a lot of money recently, especially in Apple‘s appication store App Store. Apple shared a report on the issue and announced that they broke a record.

In a new statement, Apple has revealed that spending is quite high, especially on Christmas and the first day of the new year. According to the announced number, people who made a paid app, game or in-app purchase only on the first day of the new year spent 540 million dollars in the App Store. This is a brand new record for the App Store.

The amount of spending between the Christmas feast and the first day of the new year was also announced. According to the data announced, 1.8 billion dollars were spent between the Christmas festival and the first day of the new year. Apparently, the period when iOS users stay at home is going well for Apple and its app store spending.