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New Shortcut to Spotify

Android and iOS users have been using the “Hey Google” or “Hey Siri” command to run voice assistant apps for years. Now a similar feature has come to the popular music streaming application Spotify. The Swedish-based company announced that you can open the application the “Hey Spotify” command.

Spotify‘s hands-free wake up word first surfaced last month. The company has activated the expected feature as of today. The new shortcut tool is thought to be a beacon for Car Things hardware, which is anticipated to be announced soon.

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Many users around the world today woke up with that notification from Spotify. The company shared a text, which shows that we can start using the “Hey Spotify” command. Thus, it is now possible for users to start the application instantly by saying those magic words.

The new voice command feature is activated only when the application and screen are running. This means that the platform is constantly listening to the voice of its users with the artificial intelligence method. However, the company says there is nothing to worry about. Because, according to the privacy policy regarding voice data usage, Spotify only keeps records of the calls you make when you say the wake-up word.

It is possible to perform various voice calls after running the application with the “Hey Spotify” command. For example, you can open an artist, album, single, playlist or podcast on the platform with just your voice, without using your keyboard. The company’s built-in voice search service will likely expand further in the future.

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