New Update From Twitter

New Update From Twitter

Twitter continues to add new features for their social media users in recent years. The new Twitter update is still in the trial phase and the new features it brings are as follows:

Twitter has finally integrated the stories feature into their system. Some users however, responded with negative feedback. Be it as it may, the users are actively using this feature, named Fleets. Now, the new update suitable for Twitter is in the design phase as of now.

According to the statement, if someone blocks you on the social media platform, the system automatically helps you cut off your interaction with that person. With this update, called “automatic blocking”, it will completely eliminate the possibility of encountering disabled accounts with interactions such as Twitter RT.

Also, the mobile developer named Alessandro Paluzzi has leaked more of various features. Accordingly, a new feature is coming, especially for those who use Twitter on mobile. Videos will no longer play automatically in the Twitter feed.

Twitter will add low-quality photos to its news feed instead of high-quality photos to save data. The user is allowed to choose whether to stream high-quality images or not.

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