WarioWare: Get it Together

WarioWare: Get it Together, which you can also play with your friends and contains dozens of games, will be released on September 10, 2021. After this news, which was announced at the E3 2021 fair and made WarioWare fans happy, the demo and new video of WarioWare: Get it Together was released today.

If you haven’t played WarioWare games before, don’t worry. We have to say how entertaining the dynamics of the WarioWare series are. WarioWare: Get It Together!, which can be played as co-op and contains many different games, comes out with a new video and demo today.

According to Nintendo‘s statement; “WarioWare: Get It Together! launches for Nintendo Switch on September 10, 2021, and this time players need to help Wario and his team break out of the entire microgame world. For the first time in the series, fans can play as different characters from the WarioWare universe in story mode, Variety Pack, and online challenges. They can play in a variety of game modes, including. Better still, a free demo is available on the Nintendo eShop to get a taste of the action right away.”

Variety Pack offers a competitive party mode for friends playing locally using the same console. In micro games, it is possible to compete or work together with four players for fun challenges. In addition, players can compete for a weekly high score with the Wario Cup. They can compete in Ranking Mode with online leaderboards.

Players can control not only Wario but also Jimmy T, Ashley, 9-Volt and more in his micro game. You can use your crazy skills to master each challenge. You can spend pleasant moments in Story Mode by sharing Joy-Con with your friends, and direct the challenges from your own console in multiplayer mode.

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