A Secret Revealed Years Later, NieR: Automata

A Secret Revealed Years Later, NieR: Automata

In NieR: Automata, released in 2017, a secret that the developers pointed out years ago has finally emerged after hundreds of hours of reverse engineering. With this method, it is possible to reach the final cut scene directly in the game. Years later, a big secret is discovered in Square Enix‘s action game NieR: Automata, which was released about 4 years ago. A player announced on her Twitter account that they discovered a way to go directly to the final scene of the game after defeating the first boss in the game. The method was approved by both NieR‘s director, Yoko Taro, and the official NieR Twitter account.

Twitter user Lance McDonald says he uncovered this cheat code after hundreds of hours of reverse engineering. In order to implement the method, it is necessary to enter a certain cheat code directly coded into the engine of the game. According to McDonald, it is possible to reach the end of NieR: Automata using this code. Of course, it unlocks all the bonus modes players have won by spending dozens of hours completing the game.

The Secret Discovered in the Game

How the method works is not yet known. However, McDonald said he will be making a video for those interested in the subject soon. The director of the play, Yoko Taro, quoted the video shared by McDonald and tweeted it again with the note “3 years and 10 months”. In addition to Taro, the official Twitter account of the NieR series, which celebrates its 10th anniversary, also congratulated McDonald.

It Took Almost Three Years to Find the Secret

This emerging method is a NieR: Automata secret that developers; Yosuke Saito, Takahia Taura, and Yoko Taro alluded to in their March 2018 interview with Famitsu. The fact that the secret took almost three years to be discovered; shows us that the developers have done a very successful job. The NieR franchise is to continue with the upcoming mobile game called NieR: Reincarnation.