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NieR Replicant Developers Delivered Spoilers

NieR, a popular series in the game world, is known for its Square Enix production. The game appeals to the international audience today, but it actually has an original game. But this original game falls short at some point to some NieR fans. Fans even argue that NieR Replicant, a remake of the game, is better than the original NieR.

NieR Replicant, which is expected to bring NieR fans together with ‘better‘, is completing his preparations to come out slowly. As the game’s release date approaches, the developers are also making some posts to excite the players. But the last post gave a big spoiler about a character to appear in NieR Replicant.

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The developers of the game showing the bonuses to be given with the pre-order. He shared an image with the avatars of all the characters to be presented to the players. In this image, there were two characters whose faces were censored. But in an avatar that was censored, it could be clearly seen that the character had white hair and had a strap on his chest.

Papa NieR

NieR Replicant Developers Delivered Spoilers

The spoiler was exactly that. The developers had not announced that they would bring the much-loved Papa Nier to the game in the international version of NieR. While the developers, who did not want to spoil this surprise, censored the character in the image they shared, it is clear that it did not work very well. On the other hand, what the censored second character is is not as clear as Papa Nier. However, according to some theories, this character could be an old version of Papa Nier or a completely new character.

Although the NieR Replicant is considered better than the original production, those who played the original game were starting to get attached to Papa Nier. For this reason, they wanted this character to be placed in the Replicant game. It seems that these requests have been fulfilled. Regardless of all this, Square Enix announced that if NieR Replicant sold half of their game, they would bring Papa Nier to NieR Automata. Also, don’t forget to check out our other news here.

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