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Nintendo May Announce a New Switch with OLED Display

According to the information provided by Bloomberg, Nintendo will announce a new Switch model with 720p OLED display this year. However, the claims in question have not been approved by neither Samsung nor Nintendo, which will produce the screens.

When it comes to game console, most of us think of PlayStation or Xbox. But it is possible to say that Nintendo Switch; which is perhaps the only popular portable game console on the market, has a considerable user base. Moreover, according to the information shared, this audience will expand further in the upcoming period.

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According to sources close to Nintendo; the Japanese video game giant plans to announce a new Nintendo Switch in the second half of 2021. The information reported is that the new Switch will have a 7-inch Samsung OLED display and production will begin by July.

Nintendo president said they are not planning to introduce a new Switch

Yoshio Tamura, the co-founder of DSCC, closely follows the display industry. Tamura told Bloomberg that the OLED screen will consume less battery, have a higher contrast and a higher screen response time compared to the current Switch’s LCD screen.

According to shared information, the new Nintendo Switch will still be able to support resolutions of up to 4K when connected to a TV, although it continues to have a 720p display internally. Nevertheless, considering that Bloomberg did not get a response when it reached Samsung and Nintendo about the issue, it is useful to approach the rumors with suspicion.

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