Nissan GT-R50 Has Completed its Final Test

Nissan GT-R50 Has Completed its Final Test

The Nissan GT-R50, born from the combination of Italian and Japanese dynamics, has completed its final test.

As a matter of fact, the Nissan GT-R50, which was born from the partnership with Italdesign ;was on the agenda on a video released by the company. Thus, in this video, the vehicle took to the Tazio Nuvolari track for testing.

The video, in which we take a closer look at its design and which you can watch below; has managed to excite the GT-R enthusiasts. Even so, the Nissan GT-R50, which looks like a concept car with its design; is starting to be delivered to lucky people who paid a full $1.12 million price in late 2020 and early 2021.

For this, the last track test of the vehicle has been successfully completed. Besides, it is said that the test vehicle you see will be taken to Tokyo and this will be the vehicle’s first intercontinental trip. From now on, the Nissan GT-R50 will start to appear on the streets.

Lets take a look at the technical details for the Italdesign signed Nissan GT-R50. the car is equipped with a monster 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 engine; able to produce a whooping 720 PS and 780 Nm of torque.

In other words, the design wonder GT-R50, which is very ambitious in terms of performance, is one of the vehicles that should be seen on the streets.

However, it seems clear that only limited number of people will be able to buy the GT-R50. This is the worst part of the vehicle. The regular GT-R also appeals to very wealthy people with its price range.