No Matter Studios Released New PS5 Gameplay Video For Praey Of The Gods

No Matter Studios Released New PS5 Gameplay Video For Praey Of The Gods

With the arrival of next generation consoles, we are approaching the emergence of new games. A new gameplay video has been released for Praey of the Gods, one of the games coming to PlayStation 5, which is announced to be available to purchase in November. In fact, the game will be released for the PS4 platform as well.

Praey of the Gods is very similar to the wonderful Shadow of the Colossus and that’s a good thing. Shadow of the Colossus is a favorite for many players which consider it as the best console game of all time. However, Praey of the Gods seems a little more complicated, which is probably a good thing. The game will have a survival option that brings an exhaustion system. But this system makes the game more punishing, something that will probably please hardcore gamers.

Praey Of The Gods PS5 Gameplay Video Released
Praey Of The Gods

Finally, the game will feature a crafting system based on maintaining and improving equipment. You will be able to get resources from exploration and combat. Clothes can also be upgraded through crafting, and weapons will have certain levels based on how easily they can be obtained.

We know that we will encounter many different games with the next generation consoles. Some of these games are already candidates to become new legends. You can watch the new game trailer of Praey for the Gods below.